Several Tips for College Dorm and Apartment Checklist Items

Entering college as a freshman is an extraordinary experience! The feeling of the change at its highest point can be the beginning of a new journey; however, not having the right place that brings that same unique feel as you enter your dorm room or apartment can be depressing. College dorm room and apartments have great lobbies that brings the attraction, but the rooms are unbelievable!

Tip #1: Room Tour

Being a new resident, the first couple of things I had to do are to prepare to spend money and accept that your dorm is not going to be like home if you choose to do nothing! The best way to overcome that depressing state is by taking detailed tour of your dorm room or apartment to see how much room you have on your own because most places share rooms with other individuals. Typically, there is a number that ranges from 2 to 3 other roommates that may accompany you.

Tip #2: Talk to Your Roommates

From my personal experience, college became a lot easier after I stepped outside of my comfort zone. Most importantly, it was best that I chat with them briefly beginning with a small introduction of where I was from, major, and somethings I like to do that’s fun. These three things help lighten the atmosphere since everyone’s new to the dorm room or apartment. Nonetheless, every student may or may not arrive on time. How I overcome this obstacle started with me making a list of things I felt that would remind me of my room back at home.

Tip #3: Home

I reference the home-feeling because of all the “crazy memories”, exciting events at high school, and the family photos that will need to be present so that every change you get to go home is diminishing. Wait! Keep in mind that there’s no place at home, but it can be close to a home-feeling if you sacrifice and use your time wisely! If you are wondering how to accomplish this tip is by leaving your newly acquired dorm or apartment and returning home if possible to acquire somethings that may bring value back to school.

Tip #4: Identity finding

After returning home to gather more things, it’s time to figure out what you want to transform your room to because the plain and dull color will not bring or keep you in your room to study, work, and have fun with friends at. Well this tip is for you to begin the identity process. The identity process begins with what you want to see in your room. I began implementing this process by looking at room at home and seeing what I wanted to take with me. Next, I began with the favorite colors in conjunction with the school colors. This way, I could have the optimization of school spirit along with my favorite twist to being the process of adding value. Remember, room begins with visualization or imagination that guaranteed to get the thinking process started!

Tip# 5: Let’s Get Going – Time is Valuable!

The visualization process is a critical step; however, there must be a step where it involves a decision to be made with action. Being a college student, funds can be hard to come by. The way I overcame my financial struggles was to be smart with how I managed my time and money. The importance of this is because every student knows that school gear is at the top of the list along with books purchase and decals, but the dorm room is sometimes forgotten about since it can be found at most retail stores. Dealing with retail stores close to school was a wild experience because of the following: items I valued was sold out, lines was extremely long, time-wasting, and items being in the wrong place. These experiences happened daily when school began to open. It became frustrating at times, but I knew that there was one thing that I didn’t try with my time!!